The Color Blast Run is our premier event fundraiser for Middle and High schools.  Whether you are looking for a volunteer-based event or a team to organize it for you, FundRunners is your solution.

FundRunners Color Blast Run is backed by years of experience, hundreds of events and millions of dollars raised for top schools across America. Our vision is to provide the highest quality events for schools while allowing you to keep as much money as possible.

With our Color Blast Run, we have two offerings:

1) FundRunners Color Blast Run
The FundRunner team will host the Kick Off day Pep RALLY and the Color Blast Run. The students will use the next 7 school-days following the Kick Off finding as many ‘Champion Runners’ as possible.

2) Color Blast Run Kit
This kit comes with everything but the FundRunner team. If you have an AWESOME team of volunteers and school staff, we think you can pull this off yourselves. We will hand you the play book that even provides the play list.

Fill out the form on the right to learn how you can bring this most spectacular and awesome fundraising event to your school.


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Enrich, Educate and Empower

FundRunners' mission is to provide a fundraising program that enriches the lives of the students with fitness, educates the students on character traits needed for success, and empowers the students with ways of fulfilling their goals.