Fun Run Day At an Elementary School Fundraiser

Fund Runner Day At Your School Fundraising Fun Run EventWe truly go all out to ensure that the Fun Run day is enjoyable for everyone. The event occurs during regular school hours. The school is split into groups and students attend the Fun Run event 1 hour during the school day. Most students run approximately 30 laps with a 36 lap max.

Our team has everything timed to the minute with a rockin’ sound system, music, warm ups, instructions, running, laughing, dancing, and walking. FundRunners track has a misting tunnel and water station to keep the students cool. At the end of the run, Parents and family are invited to come and cheer on their students.

The FundRunners team leads and organizes this event with great confidence. We keep the students entertained and active the entire period.

Every student participates in the Fun Run and receives a free Fun Run shirt or alternative regardless of financial participation.

It is a blast for everyone!!!


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Enrich, Educate and Empower

FundRunners' mission is to provide a fundraising program that enriches the lives of the students with fitness, educates the students on character traits needed for success, and empowers the students with ways of fulfilling their goals.