Fund Runners for School FundraisingWe don’t stop at the finish line.

The FundRunners team is huge part of our success. Our team members that manage our programs are highly motivated and full of character. Meet our Houston, Texas Team, they are known by many names…Captain AWESOME, Rocket Girl, Water Boy, The HULK, Game Time, Prime Time, QB, Wave Running, Big Dog, Fun Fairy & FUNASOURUS! 

We have a strenuous process of finding team members that live a life of character. Along with background and reference checks, FundRunners only wants team members who live a life above reproach; a life worth emulating.

We want your students to walk away from this experience saying, “That guy/gal is so cool!!! I want to have as much fun as he is having, so I am going to listen to what he is saying and do it.” We hear the first part a lot, and we know the second part comes silently.

Also, we consider the Parent Organizations we serve as part of the FundRunners Team. As a company, FundRunners can only see so far, but when we listen to the parent volunteers and leaders at all of our schools that we serve, we gain new insights.

With their feedback, FundRunners can see how to develop the program in a way that benefits the students and school organizations the best. All of our program development is based off what we hear from the organizations we serve.

Tx Fund Runners A Big Hit With Kids

Pre-K Teacher Testimonial:

I just wanted to thank you for always including my (25) Pre-K Daycare kids, during Fun Run Time.  Ya’ll always go out of your way to make sure we have a great time….two times a day.  My babies love ya’ll and the time they have with your Fun Run Team.  Your team are heros.  Have a great rest of your year.

Debby Durden – Magnolia ISD – Pre-School Teacher







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Enrich, Educate and Empower

FundRunners' mission is to provide a fundraising program that enriches the lives of the students with fitness, educates the students on character traits needed for success, and empowers the students with ways of fulfilling their goals.