What Students Do in The Fund Runners Program


Parents, the FundRunners FUN RUN is a blast!!! We are raising money that will go directly to your child(ren)‘s education. We will have a ton of fun and do a lot of running! Most students run 30 laps around the FundRunners track, the max is 36. Family and friends from around the globe can support our school by making a pledge towards the number of laps your student will run. Sponsors will be able to donate online at FunRunTime.com or mail in a check.

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Parent Involvement in Texas Fund Runners Events


Fund Runners is a School and Family EventCall and Email
Help your child(ren) call and email friends and family across the globe, ask them to make a pledge of $1 per lap for about 30 laps to help your school.

Log your pledges
Help your child(ren) write down your pledges on the pledge form or enter them online at FunRunTime.com. Remember to provide the sponsors email, so we can send them a ‘Thank You’ note. Students can bring their pledge form in before the Fun Run Day to receive their prizes.

Come to the FundRunners Fun Run
Parents, you are invited to come and cheer your students on as they run and have fun!

Collect the donations
The pledge money is due 7 days after the FundRunners Fun Run day. Sponsors will have the choice to write a check made out to the school or pay their pledge online at www.FunRunTime.com. A collection envelope is provided for cash and check donations.


Email Communication:
*Providing the SPONSOR’S EMAIL AND THE PARENT’S EMAIL on the pledge form*

To the parents:

To the sponsors: The email will have information about how their sponsored student did in the Fun Run and thank them for their support. FundRunners will destroy all email addresses once the program is over and will not use them for any other purpose than what has been described above.

Character Initiative:
FundRunners character intiative for the 2016-2017 school year is ‘Winners ‘R’ Us!’: Winners have fun, Winners encourage others, Winners dream and imagine, Winners never quit, Winners treat others the way they want to be treated, Winners ask for help, and Winners do their best!


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Enrich, Educate and Empower

FundRunners' mission is to provide a fundraising program that enriches the lives of the students with fitness, educates the students on character traits needed for success, and empowers the students with ways of fulfilling their goals.