The FundRunners Fun Run is selected by top schools across America year after year as their fundraiser of choice.  It does more than raise a ton of money for schools.  It provides more than a walk-a-thon for the students.

The FundRunners Fun Run helps students find their greatness!

We have three secrets of success: Energy, Enthusiasm, and Fun.  Knowing every campus is different, we take the time to Custom Fit the program to meet your needs.

The FundRunners Fun Run is highly profitable for our schools.  Our schools profit from the character initiative and fitness event as much as they profit financially.  This unforgettable experience creates an environment of fitness, it’s fun and learning about good character traits is cool, leaving your families wanting it year after year.

The other unforgettable experience is watching the FundRunner team do all the work.

The 9 school-day event is simple for everyone to understand.

  • There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products.  Students simply gather pledges from friends and family which is easily done by phone.
  • Sponsors will pledge a per-lap amount or a flat donation amount towards their student.
  • Students will typically run 30 laps (2 miles) with a lap cap of 36 on the Fun Run day.
  • We multiply each student’s per-lap pledges by the number of laps they run. Typically that will be 30 laps or $30 for each $1 pledged per-lap.

Plus…our schools keep the highest percentage of profit in the industry!




  • Each event is customized to meet your school’s individual needs and support your mission.
  • We provide a team of enthusiastic professionals to manage your program.
  • 100% participation! Every student participates in the program whether they collect pledges or not.
  • All donations made to your school through the “Fund Runners” event are 100% tax-deductible.

From A Parent –

Thank you for all your hard work at Wedgewood Elementary! My daughter was so inspired by the “Fun Runners” at her school that she has motivated her whole family to be more active. She was excited by the team at her school and every time I saw them myself I was impressed with their enthusiasm and involvement.

They were a blessing at the school- I wish they were there every week! Through this endeavor, My first grader earned over $350 for her school and started on a path of healthy living that has affected our entire household. As a mother, I really enjoyed this event because rather than selling un-needed/ un-wanted products, Lani sold her self and was forced to really WORK for her achievement.

The family and friends who donated were motivated to do so primarily because of how good it is for the kids. I just can’t say enough about it- you guys are AWESOME! Her school earned almost $30,000- that is fantastic and inspiring!

Thank you again!
Ashley Denson

Take a look at the Overview Video.  Getting started is easy, simply fill out the form you find on this page or call us at (800) 994-0337.

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Enrich, Educate and Empower

FundRunners' mission is to provide a fundraising program that enriches the lives of the students with fitness, educates the students on character traits needed for success, and empowers the students with ways of fulfilling their goals.